With whom do we work

self-governments of cities and municipalities

Lanfranconiho námestie

Lanfranconi Square

Projects for grant schemes

We provide local governments with professional consulting services in the field of environmental mapping, preparation of architectural and landscape studies as a basis for grant calls related to urban development.

Competitions and realizations

We regularly participate in architectural, urban and landscape competitions in an international and local environment.

Communication with the public

„Urban Walks“ – the presentation of proposals directly in the proposed location offers a unique opportunity to comment on the principles of the transformation of the proposed territory and to obtain feedback from the public.

Concepts of urban development

We stand at the birth of visions and concepts for the sustainable development of cities and municipalities.


Lanfranconiho námestie

Lanfranconi Square

Popularization of architecture

We organize events with the participation of important architectural personalities, we participate in invited lectures and architecture festivals.

Professional challenges

We do not passively wait for assignments, but on the contrary, we initiate open discussions on topics that we perceive as professional challenges.

Cooperation with local communities

Our approach is based on proven tools of creation with communities, such as participation, placemaking, tactical urbanism.

Young architects

For years, we have been developing talents at FAD STU in Bratislava, where we connect the academic environment with practice to the greatest extent possible.


Lanfranconiho námestie

Lanfranconi Square

Invited competitions and validation studies

In the conceptual phase, we provide feasibility studies, the so-called Feasibility study, investment plans, urban and architectural studies.

Preparation and implementation of projects

We provide a complex design activity, which consists of the processing of documentation for a zoning decision, documentation for a building permit, implementation project and author’s supervision.

Houses and apartments

We understand the interior of the house as an integral part of the architectural study. From the point of view of typology, we deal with the interior of apartments, family houses, business floors and office spaces.

Expert advice

We focus on the verification of projects and their compliance with the ÚPN, evaluation of investment intentions of planned development, or participation in evaluation commissions and juries.